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<Presentation: Impressive Topic we wrote on Wikipedia>


(Individual) Forest Service in Korea

(Team) Traveling to Seoul


Korean Literature


Delivery Culture in South Korea


Climate Change in South Korea

India WB1

(Team1) Bawijeolmaeul Hosangnori

(Team2) Byeokgolje Ssangyongnori

(Team3) Baetnori

India WB2

Anseong Matchum Namsadang Baudeogi Festival

India WB3

Newtro Culture

India WB4

Gat Kimchi(갓김치)



Italy Naples


Italy Rome

(Team) Three Generation(삼대-염상섭)

(Individual) An Changho

Italy Siena

(Team) Comfort Women

(Individual) Korean Red Cross

Italy Venice

Gender Inequality in South Korea


Digital Library of Korean Literature

Vegetarian Food, Products, and Restaurants in South Korea


Imo Incident(임오군란)


Korean Folk Games

Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency

Women in Korea


Gender Inequality in South Korea

<Team Building>

1) Team Member

Donghyeon's Team: Azerbaijan + Russia +Turkey

Joonyeong's Team: India WB3 + India WB4 + Myanmar

Jiyeon's Team: Brazil + Canada

Haeun's Team: Germany + Italy Rome + Italy Siena

Jiwoo's Team: Hungary + Italy Naples + Italy Venice + UK

Dain's Team: India WB1 + India WB2 + Iran

2) Team Slogan

Donghyeon's Team: "Eurasia, one spirit, one team, one win" - We are living in Eurasian countries. So we want to embody geographical commonality in the slogan. 

Joonyeong's Team: "I can't, but we can!" - We want to symbolize teamwork as a sentence that shows us very well.

Jiyeon's Team: "Maple Coxinha" - This slogan is created with ideas from Brazil and Canada friends. It literally means Coxinha with maple syrup. Coxinha represents Brazil and maple syrup represents Canada.

Haeun's Team: "Pizza Power" - Our team is made up of almost Italians, so we decided on a slogan with the theme of pizza, one of the symbols of Italy.

Jiwoo's Team: "HIKU(하이쿠)! Go! Andiamo!" - Team name ‘HIKU’ is come up with the idea of the first initial of each country, which is Hungary, Italy, Korea, and the UK. For the team chant, we thought that it would be meaningful if we say ‘Go!’ by mixing our own languages so Go(English), Andiamo(Italian), 가자(Korean)! This is how our team set the team name and the slogan.

Dain's Team: "Team Dain 화이팅!" - As my team was made up of Indian and Iran members, we decided to create our slogan with the common features that we have. I was the manager of both teams and every member is studying Korean, so we chose our slogan as Team Dain and to cheer up, '화이팅' in Korean. 

3) Picture

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