SV REPORT[Monthly SOVAC] SOUL: Save the Children (5)

Team Gwanak 3_Soul
8 May 2021
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[Monthly SOVAC] SOUL: Save the Children (5)

This card news deals with children, which was the main topic of monthly SOVAC in April. Especially, we tried to examine how children's life has changed during COVID-19 and check if there's any problem.

4월 monthly SOVAC 주제에서 부각된 어린이의 생활에 대해 카드뉴스를 작성하였습니다. 특히 코로나 19 이후 아이들의 생활은 어떻게 변화하였는지, 문제사항은 없는지 정리하였습니다.

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