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14 Feb 2021
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Right Method of Plastic Recycling

  Hello, everyone. We're Sayul Anam Team 6.
As we all know, the Earth is dying. The amount of trash that mankind mercilessly throws away is causing great damage to nature beyond imagination. Our team has started the SV campaign that promotes plastic recycling to help preserve our planet.

  We started the SV campaign in February under the topic of "뜯버", which means removing plastic vinyl(label) and throwing away plastic bottles. We found out that there are four methods to recycle plastic successfully.

1. Drain the plastic bottle and rinse it.

2. Remove label.

3. Squeeze the plastic bottle and put the cap on it.

4. Discharge the plastic bottle in the recycling box.

  We checked out four correct ways to recycle plastic.

As a part of the campaign, we attached a video we made promoting correct plastic recycling.

This video helps people recycle plastic using the four correct plastic discharge methods above.

  As we live in the present, we must satisfy our needs while allowing future generations to use and grow resources. This is not just a domestic problem, but a problem that we all have to solve together as global citizens.

  Starting this SV campaign, we have shown that Korea is a leader in sustainable development, and through this, we have taken a step toward improving our national brand.

Then, shall we go recycle?

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