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Team Gwanak 2_Neulhaerang
14 Feb 2021
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Hello everyone~ We are Team 2 of Gwanak 늘해랑(Neulhaerang)! This time we are going to tell you about how to throw away the plastic trash.

Our monthly social mission is called “뜯버(Tteutbeo)”, which means removing labels and throwing them away.

1. Empty the contents inside and rinse the bottle

2. Remove labels

3. Crush the bottle and put the lid on

4. Throw away the bottle to a designated place such as recycle area

And our video uses the form of the Tetris game to show that crushing plastic trash is an effective way to recycle them properly.

By introducing the right way of separating garbage for the protection of the environment through video clips, this helped foreigners understand the method of separating garbage easily.

Please participate in protecting the environment by removing labels and crushing plastic bottles! 

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