SV REPORTA First Step Towards Being Eco-Friendly

Team Sinchon 5_Ninano
15 Feb 2021
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A First Step Towards Being Eco-Friendly

Hello, everyone! This is Team Ninano's first result as a contribution to making better world!

A topic of this month is 'A way to throw away trash properly', especially plastic and PET.

Hence, we made a short video to introduce an example of saving the Earth.

This social mission is so-called  “뜯버(Tteutbeo)”, which is an abbreviation of 'ripping off a label attached to the plastic bottle' and 'throwing away that vinyl label'. 

There are 4 steps to fulfill this campaign, which is so simple to participate in together.

1. Empty the bottle and make it clean with water.

2. Rip off a label attached to the bottle.

3. Squish the bottle and put the cap on.

4. Send out the waste to its exclusive discharge site.

We cover all of those steps in the video by showing each motion slowly and every member of our team participate in this project so that we can show our will to this project.

We,  SAYUL, support the message of UN SDGs, which suggest 17 common goals of mankind under the slogan "Leave no one behind". This video will help to promote '12. Responsible consumption and production' because throwing away plastic wastes properly is a start of recycling which is one of the representative methods for responsible consumer behavior. Foreigners can understand better about the purpose of this campaign and be eager to join us by showing the proper way visibly, because it is so simple that everyone can take their first step to the better world!

Together, we can save the Earth if we try.

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