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19 Feb 2021
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Hello, we are team ‘SOUL’! We are going to introduce ‘TTEOT-BEO’(뜯버), which means to tear out the plastic label and recycle it properly.

4 Steps of ‘TTEOT-BEO’(뜯버)

           1. Washing the bottle

           2. Taking off the label

           3. Squishing the bottle and Closing the lid

           4. Putting into a recycling bin

We did a relay about the process of plastic bottle ‘TTEOT-BEO’(뜯버) one by one. Everyone takes a part of the video, which represents we should practice the act of saving the Earth ‘all together’.  

One bottle for one person, Six bottles for Six people!

SDG13. Climate Action

Plastic trash is one of the biggest reasons for climate change. It is meaningless to do recycling unless we do not tear off the plastic label too. Individual’s action can have a  great influence on the parties. We need your participation!

Let’s do ‘TTEOT-BEO’(뜯버) with us!

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