SV REPORTNo mOre Label And a BettEr worLd

Team Sinchon 2_Yaneodu
25 Feb 2021
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No mOre Label And a BettEr worLd

Hello everyone! This is Team Sinchon 2 - "Hey you too" :D

TTEUTBEO(뜯버 - 뜯어서 버리기)

The topic we are introducing this month is "Tteutbeo," which is to take off labels on plastic bottles before throwing them away. The label removing policy in Korea has started from December 25, 2020. This "Tteutbeo" challenge is to let more people know about the new policy and carry it out correctly. The act of taking off labels will ultimately lead to protecting the environment. Accordingly, we created a video about taking off labels to make a better world. 


Our video first shows taking out a plastic bottle that does not have its label removed, from a trash bin. Then we throw it away again after peeling off its label. This process not only guides the proper method to recycle plastic bottles but also delivers our message to remove labels when recycling. We inserted a slogan called "No mOre Label And a BettEr worLd." This is to emphasize our point: NO LABEL. 


This challenge goes along with the thirteenth goal of UN SDGs, which is to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Our slogan "no more label and a better world" calls for the reduction of plastic usage and thereby contributes to slowing down climate change. Hopefully, this will be a step to raising awareness of environment protection and getting more people to participate. 

We hope you enjoy the video and join us in "Tteutbeo." From today, we can all start making a greener world! 


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