SV REPORTHow Meat Analogue Can Save the Environment

Team Anam 4_Sayrock
16 Mar 2021
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Monthly SOVAC: How Meat Analogue Can Save the Environment

Hi! We are team Anam 4, Sayrock and we are going to introduce this month's SV content.

Our Monthly Social Mission for this month is about 'Social Enterprise'.

As social values are getting more important around the world lately, we would like to introduce a social enterprise which sells meat analogue, ‘Devotion Food’. Since raising livestock to produce the meat we eat is damaging the environment and the health of our people, we should pay more attention to it. So, we made a video to let people know information about meat analogue and 'Devotion Food'.

Our video shares information about environmental problems consuming meat can cause and suggests people consider consuming meat analogue to solve environmental problems. Also, it is related to SDG 12(Responsible Consumption and Production), SDG 13(Climate Action), and SDG 15(Life on Land) so through this content, the young generation in Korea has shown great interest in environmental issues and SDG. As a result, it helped Korea to build a positive image and ultimately achieve results in terms of public diplomacy.

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