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26 Mar 2021
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Culture and Art for ‘Everyone’ : HANDSPEAK

 Hello, we are Team SOUL! Today, we are going to introduce the social enterprise named ‘Handspeak’, which produces, designs and performs contents about sign language (handspeak).

 Handspeak is (preparatory) social enterprise in which tries to solve the problem about exclusion of deaf-muteness in the field of Art and culture. In other words, they are lack of opportunities to participate in cultural activites. Therefore, Handspeak produces and performes Art contents with sign language and develop the deaf-muteness artists for next generation. Their plan is to make ‘everyone’ participate in Art and Culture activities, of course, including deaf-muteness.

 Our team SOUL also produced video which introduces Handspeak to join the pursuit of ‘equality’, overcoming the barriers between language and disability.

Team SOUL selected the core activities, values and key-words and described those with sign languages. There are six messages including ‘Together’ ‘Equality’ ‘Diversity’ ‘Art and Culture for everyone’ ‘Talking about possibility of sign language’, ‘Handspeak’. We also put English and Korean subtitle in our video.

UN SDGs 10. Reduced inequalities

 We delivered the message that ‘Sign language is not a special care for the disabled, but an another form of language’ using three subtitles, ‘Sign language’, ‘Korea’ and ‘English’. Also, we related the sign language to SDGs 10th ‘Decrease of inequality’. The fact that Korea was selected as the guest country for international festival shows positive energy that Korea possesses, related to pursuit of social values. The social enterprise ‘Handspeak’ was officially invited.

 Please pay attention to the social enterprise ‘Handspeak’! We are trying to make the society without alienation or discrimination.  

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