SV REPORTPlastic Zero in Daily Life

Team Anam 4_Sayrock
14 Feb 2021
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Monthly SOVAC:: Plastic Zero in Daily Life

Hi! We are team Anam 4 and today we are going to introduce this month's SV contents.

SV means 'Social Value' and Sayul is going to do monthly project related to this. 

The SV mission in February is '뜯버[Tteut-beo]', which is abbreviation of '뜯어서 버리기(throw out after removing label)'. To recycle plastic bottles correctly, we have to remove label. But many people still don't know what to do before throwing them out in the recycling box. So, we made a video to let them know how to recycle plastic bottles step by step.

Step 1. Drain the plastic bottle and wash it.

Step 2. Remove the label.

Step 3. Crush the bottle and put on a cap.

Step 4. Throw it in the recycling box.

How easy! Our video shares the way that all we can do in our daily life. It suggests that 'Plastic Zero' is not that difficult for all of us, so it helps people to identify environmental issues and to consider how to contribute to sustainable life. Also, it is related to SDG 12(Responsible Consumption and Production) so many foreigners will be able to know that young generation of Korea has great interest in SDG and all the environmental issues. It will give Korea a positive image ultimately. 

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