SV REPORT​Proper Recycling of Plastic Bottles

Team Anam 5_Étoile
14 Feb 2021
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1. Introduction
This report aims to provide explanation of the purpose and the contents of TikTok video made by Team Anam 5 ‘étoile’ for Monthly Social Value Mission. By making a short video about the proper way of recycling plastic bottles in Korea, our team hopes this to be a way to achieve a sustainable future not only in Korea, but globally. The prolonged pandemic has led to increment of usage of plastic in households. At the same time, social media is rising as a main platform of communication of the Ontact generation. Therefore, we believe that educating the proper way of recycling through social media will be a new chance to share and achieve a sustainable future.

2. Short Explanation
2.1. Explanation of the Project
The video made by our team is a part of the Monthly Social Value Mission based on public diplomacy activities of the SAYUL. This project aims to share social values including ESG and UN SDGs with the global citizens, especially the MZ Generation. This project not only focuses on sharing those values, but also encourages the people to take action to make a real change. Every month our team will be making videos that includes the contents that promote the values. The specific topic of this month (February) is proper recycling of plastic bottles.
2.2. Explanation of the Team’s Video
The main message that our team tries to deliver through the video is that every person should join the movement of proper recycling of plastic bottles, no matter who they are, where they live, and what kind of drink they drink. We tried to encourage this unconditional engagement by using the song by Stella Jang, ‘Colors’. The lyrics of this song consist of various colors, like pink, purple, blue, etc. By matching the lyrics with plastic bottles with various colors, we successfully made a 10-second video that shows that we should separate the labels from the bottles for proper recycling, no matter which kind of beverage in plastic bottle one buys! The caption in the last 2 seconds reminds the viewers our main message: “every color, everywhere, every person”.

3. Public Diplomacy Statement
This video will promote the achievement of the Goal 12 of the UN SDGs: ‘Ensure Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns’. According to the United Nations, the world is continuously using the natural resources in an unsustainable way. The use of resources continues to grow, while the recycling percentage of them isn’t showing remarkable progress. Therefore, by showing the proper way of recycling the plastic bottles, especially the necessity of separating the label before discarding, this video will educate global viewers to start proper recycling that will make them to engage in sustainable consumption. This movement will also contribute to public diplomacy of the Korea as the video contains Korean music and Korean products. In particular, as global citizens perceive these efforts of sharing social values staring from Korea, we can successfully show that Korea pursues social values that coincide with the sustainable future of the world.

4. Closing
By delivering the proper way of recycling plastic bottles, this video will share the social values that Korea is focusing on, which will not only contribute to promotion of public diplomacy of Korea but also the achievement of sustainable future based on the SDGs.

5. TicTok Link
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