SV REPORTPositive Influence Of Social Enterprise “Brother’s Keeper”

Team Anam 5_Étoile
22 Mar 2021
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Positive Influence Of Social Enterprise “Brother’s Keeper” 

  1. Introduction

 This report aims to provide an explanation of the purpose and the contents of TikTok video made by Team Anam 5 ‘étoile’ for Monthly Social Value Mission. By making a short video about positive social values of the social enterprise, Brother’s keeper, our team hopes this to be a way to spread the positive influence of this enterprise not only in  Korea, but globally. At the same time, social media is rising as a main platform of communication of the Ontact generation. Therefore, we believe that spreading the social values of this social enterprise through social media will be a great way of sharing important social values and achieving a sustainable future.

  1. Short Explanation

2-1 Explanation of the Project

 The video made by our team is a part of the Monthly Social Value Mission based on public diplomacy activities of the SAYUL. This project aims to share social values including ESG and UN SDGs with the global citizens, especially the MZ Generation. This project not only focuses on sharing those values, but also encourages the people to take action to make a real change. Every month our team will be making videos that include the contents that promote the values. The specific topic of this month (March) is about the social values of  Brother’s Keeper who work for providing stable jobs and establishing a foothold for independence of children who are at the stage of leaving the orphanage.

2-2 Explanation of the Team’s Video

 The main method of our team video was the usage of storytelling illustration which was basically drawing a life of children over 18 who are necessarily required to leave the orphanage. The video starts with showing the drawings that are indicating children who have nowhere to go from out of institution and getting a small amount of grant. Then it shows the drawing of the logo of Brother’s Keeper which  expresses the social values of Brother’s keeper.  We indicated the specific numbers to emphasize and inform serious circumstances of children and need of help.  For example, “2000-3000” indicates the annual number of the children who are required to leave the institutions, and “3-5 million won” indicates self-alliance grants for children. Ultimately, we urge people to have interests in the social enterprise by introducing the Brother's Keeper and its  social activities helping those children. 

  1. Public diplomacy statement 

Goal 4. Quality Education

“Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”

 Brother’s Keeper offers a variety of quality education for children over 18 who have  no choice but to leave the orphanage without enough support including entrepreneurship and career education, to help children to stand on their own for the rest of their life. Therefore, we can achieve public diplomatic achievements by introducing Brother’s Keeper through our team's videos in terms of promoting a social enterprise in Korea that provides equitable education that no one is left behind, including the children mentioned in previous sections.

Goal 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

“Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation”

 Brother’s keeper is an enterprise that creates jobs by hiring teenagers who have been left out from institutions. Therefore, Sayul helps many childrens to join the Brother’s Keeper by making a video regarding publicizing social values of the company. This can be interpreted as a movement to contribute to achievement of teenagers to have stable jobs under the protection of society.

Goal 17. Partnerships for the Goals

“Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development”

 We try to deliver the messages  through SNS to share the social value of Brother’s Keeper with as many people as possible. In other words, the video aims to attract more people's attention to solve the social problem and to form partnerships within civil society. It can be interpreted that a sustainable society can be created with no disadvantages or any discrimination based on mutual cooperation from civil society.

4. Closing

 By informing a serious problem of Korean society and a social enterprise that is coping with the problem,  our video will not only contribute to promotion of public diplomacy of Korea but it will also contribute to the achievement of a sustainable future based on the SDGs as mentioned in the previous sections.

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