11 Oct 2020
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Date: October 2nd, 2019

Participants: Fateme Heshmatirad, Mahtab Rahmani, Rana Farahani, Zeynab Heshmatirad

Short Explanation: In this meeting which we held at the University of Tehran, we discussed the typical campus life of a student in Korea. From the application fees to jumpers and part-time jobs which we think is an important matter as some application fees might be high to students. Also in many K-dramas, we can clearly see most of even high school students are working part-time to pay the study cost! It was interesting how all the activities they do even optional ones directly affect their future opportunities in getting a job and etc. Also the rural service sounds! Hope we can have such services available to all students to participate in Iran too.

11 Oct 2020
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1. Name of the Textbook: مطالعات اجتماعی

2. Author: سازمان پژوهش و برنامه ریزی آموزشی

3. Publisher: OFFSET (

4. Category: Geography