18 Oct 2020
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1. Name of the Textbook: Geografía Universal, Tomo 13

2. Author: Instituto Gallach

3. Publisher: Editorial Océano

4. Category: History

18 Oct 2020
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1. Name of the Textbook: Nueva Enciclopedia Universal. Volume 8. Fourth Edition, 2004

2. Author: Jesús Moya, Lorenzo Portillo Sisniega, Luis Rodrigo Ibarra and Dr. Julián Marías

3. Publisher: Editorial Durvan

4. Category: Geography

18 Oct 2020
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1. Name of the Textbook: Breve historia de la literatura coreana

(Title of the Chapter: Literatura de la resistencia a la dictadura (Literature of resistence to the dictatorship)

2. Author: Pío E. Serrano

3. Publisher: Verbum

4. Category: Culture

18 Oct 2020
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1. Name of the Textbook: Historia Universal, Siglo XX (de 1945 a la actualidad)

2. Author: José Manuel Cuenca Toribio

3. Publisher: Barcelona: Editorial Océano - Instituto Gallach

4. Category: History (Korean War)

18 Oct 2020
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1. Name of the Textbook: Corea

2. Author: Damian, Harper

3. Publisher: Barcelona: GeoPlaneta, 2019

4. Category: Culture (Architecture, Art, Literature, Movies, Music)

18 Oct 2020
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Date: October 1st, 2019

Participants: Cati, Paula, Sergio, Hakmi(Korean)

Short Explanation:

On a Tuesday evening, on the 1st of October, we all gathered in a café to talk, eat dinner, and get to know each other better.

The Korean students we invited are learning Spanish and most of us are studying Korean, so we tried to implement a kind of language exchange: we would talk in Korean and them, in Spanish.

We stayed there chatting and having a good time until the local closed. And the owner emptied this space just for us, as we talked with them about having a Korean cultural exchange.

We all mixed into groups of Spanish and Korean people so we all could learn about the other culture and make friends.

Thanks to the success of this meeting, we made a regular Korean exchange, but eventually, we made use of another space as this seemed not big enough (we were almost 30 people). So, from that day on, every Tuesday evening we would gather with the Korean students and talk to everyone and invite different friends to have a good time.

We hope this new regular cultural exchange can help other students or people interested in Korea, and that it becomes part of Salamanca's culture.

18 Oct 2020
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Date: September 29th, 2019

Participants: Cris, Iki, Ines, Kim Seo-jong(Korean), Kim Tae-i(Korean), Min(Korean)

Short Explanation:

On the 29th of September, the SAYUL team in Spain met all together with other Korean students to make a picnic at Salamanca's Tormes river.

The activity focused on making new friends and chatting with each other. We needed to bring food and drinks to share with everyone. And some even cooked something for the activity. 

We brought food, towels, and drinks to make a picnic there. Then we introduced ourselves, explained the activity, and sat down on the towels, randomly Korean and Spanish people, so we could talk to everyone and all could feel included. We started talking to each other, making friends, showing around typical Spanish food, eating, and drinking until it was late (around four p.m.). We even put some music on a speaker and danced and sung to famous Spanish songs.

We all had a lot of fun, made new friends, and new memories that we will never forget.